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Cryptocurrency, an inexorable innovation for world’s economy especially when prevailing pandemic has forced the industries to promote the use of digital currency. Typically, Digital currency is used as a payment gateway for online transactions but some people do think it as security risk. So, it is important to choose right platform for such transactions and Bycoin is there to fulfill all of your demands with loyalty.

Similarly, there is a need to understand how the use of blockchain or Ethereum boost up the working of any platform like Bycoin. Blockchain consist of digital blocks that are connected with a chain (like a real chain) which minimizes the chances of tampering. Blockchain has a massive impact on economy and to handle this big boom it is important to have education, experience and contacts to make decisions which will bring positive impacts. You can get education, experience, contacts and many more via blockchain events.

Bycoin is a system where loyalty, trust and security is fully guaranteed and a strong bonding with the partners just like a gorilla. Gorilla is set as a mascot or trademark because all of his traits are the core foundation of Bycoin platform. Such characteristics include strength, intelligence, loyalty and sturdy relationship with the family. The developers aims to provide best quality service to the community and is always there to help the users. Bycoin is a place where “future begins” all your demands will be handled with great trust and loyalty.


Bycoin | Main Characteristics

Our team develops their own mobile phone application that will go live in the middle of 2022 according to the roadmap. With Bycoins system, anyone with a mobile phone will be able to mine the cryptocurrency $BYCO and later exchange it for the official Binance smart chain currency $BNB. This application is currently under development and is being constantly refined by the programmers.  The team has decided to set the goal of releasing the mobile application ready for the launch of 07/2022. Of course, there will be a closed alpha version in advance, where individual investors will be invited to test the app and talk directly with the developers about any improvements and bugs.


After the release of the mobile app, work will of course continue on the app - in addition, a browser app will be released in end-2022, which will function like the mobile phone app and also offer the possibility to mine $BYCO coins and later convert them to $BNB. Basically, Byco’ tokens are listed on BscScan where you can track, confirm and verify your transactions that are taken place on the exchange (BSC). BscScan is a search engine not a wallet, it does not store any private keys and it not operated by its developers. 


Bycoin | Tokenomics

1,000,000,000 $BYCO is the total supply.


500,000,000 BYCOIN (50%)



500,000,000 BYCOIN (50%)




Bycoin | Marketing strategy

We aim to adopt an effective marketing strategy so that our token holders experience a smooth transaction behavior. They will be updated with our latest developments via social media accounts. Bycoin understand the importance of marketing campaign at this initial stage of our launch, proper paper work has been done to ensure that the right strategy is formulated plus deployed at the right time. Some Short and long term campaigns are discussed in the later section.


We are already listed on the leading exchange platforms and block explorers working in the market like BSC Scan and soon to be listed on:


Ø  Coingecko (listing approved:

Ø  Coinmarketcap (listing approved:


The collaboration does not end here we will continue to track our success. Support of community plays a vital in this section as their votes can help us to be listed on various other prominent platforms.


Short term Marketing Campaigns

Your future is ready to solve your problems, as for a successful launch of Bycoin we have set up social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to keep people updated. Paid promotion is another campaigns which are already taken place. All this will help to uncover new areas and the loop holes which needs to be concentrated or corrected.


Furthermore, we continuously trying to have new partners for more corporations it will strengthen the chances of growth and new people come up with new ideas and skills. Our marketing department is already in close contact with several companies that offer "ask-me-anything (ama) sessions" for example. We plan to schedule our first ama session for our community in the medium term (04/22). It will help to develop a strong relationship with the community plus it will sort out all any confusions or problems in users’ mind regarding our system. Till now no exact date is confirmed but soon we will inform you about the session.


We are constantly evaluating our strategy to make it more effective for the successful of Bycoin. Several new techniques are on the way.


Long term Marketing Campaigns

The current long term plan is to achieve o goal of 250 partners. We are confidently working on the system and satisfied about whatever we offer to our partners plus also maintain our quality in the long run. Our team is planning to take live sessions at several times a week to inform, guide and motivate people and also solve any queries about Bycoin. Basically, in live calls our team will introduce themselves and will introduce Bycoin via detailed question answer session.


For promotion, paid banner ads will be published on famous search engines such as poocoin, BSCScan, coinmarketcap and other platforms. Our team is planning and analyzing all the related costs and benefits.

An attractive goal of 2500 holders will not only allow us to apply for verification on Trustwallet, Metamask and Pancakeswap but also new members will be willing to join Bycoin. With reaching the 2,500 holders as well as the 5,000 members, we will again start a big marketing campaign - with known influencers (with a total of 5 million subscribers), paid advertising banners and google-ads on crypto-specific news sites.